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Company Profiles is under powered by 2World Travel & Tours is one of the leading tour operators in the Indochina Region and South East Asia specializing in online travel arrangements and air ticketing. We are fully licensed as tour operators, travel agent and recognized as a leading luxury holiday and vacation organizer arranging private and group/private individual tours to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, China and in Cambodia.

With in-depth local knowledge, our friendly tour operators provide holiday experiences that you will remember and treasure long after your holiday has ended. We tailor our tours to suit each traveler’s needs and to exceed their expectations -- including the most discerning of travelers. 2World Travel offers exciting and enjoyable trips ranging from free and easy tours to challenging activities and in-depth exploration of culture, history, tradition, and lifestyle, including a wonderful variety of cuisines, vistas, and personal encounters in the enchanting, unspoiled landscapes of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, and China.

As one of the leading tour operators within this region and rank as the top destination management and holiday organizer, we have well established contacts from numerous airlines, hotels and resorts and ground operator that enable us to offer more comprehensive and competitive travel services.
Our Itineraries are well paced and operated under our direct attention to ensure your vacation and holiday are perfectly care and feel the same way as we do to each destination. Moreover, Vacation can be satisfied if it is custom-tailored to fit individual preference and requirement, so our program is designed to get right balance of comfort, exploration, relaxation, leisure and excitement to enrich the experience of life.
Being Informative operator, in-depth personal attention, be helpful and be truly friend lead us to what we are today and it has become a role of our behavior to our customer.

Travel and leisure suppliers of content such as tour packages, cruises, ferries, rails, land transport, and insurance, a significant increase in your revenue and a reduction in your costs leading to more profit for you.

Our Vision:

2World Travel and Tours inspires to be one of the leading online tour operators and being a first youngest Cambodian online responsible tour operators that be able to satisfy customers for all tours and accommodation reservations within Cambodia.

Our Mission:

2World Travel and Tours is a Tour Operator specializes in Cambodia, and Indochina. Our sole mission is to provide you with the best and most complete travel experience possible. Your complete satisfaction is the only way to judge our success, we emphasize the beauty of choice. We can create a vacation tailored exactly to your specifications, whether you are traveling alone or in small group, or create a unique itinerary crafted around your individual interests and desire for adventure.

  • Our commitment is to provide high quality service to our customers
  • We build mutual trust, reliability and power partnership.
  • We are emerging in the attraction of tourist.
  • To implement reliable online booking system and payment to save times and making it easy.
  • To create an unique experience and leisure through out South East Asia with Asian people.
  • Being proud to be a local professional tour operator and behave a real attitude toward our customer from a local tour operators and tour guides.
  • Provide quality of the vacation and valued added service to our customers feel like traveling at home but different scenes.
  • To maintain the culture and tradition and making it less impact influence by the tourism industry.
  • To open free challenge where employees excels personally and freely share the company success.
  • Encouraging employee to be personally independent passionate to their responsibilities.

Our Service Management:

2World Travel and Tours, we put a strong emphasis on ensuring that our customers experience fast and efficient responsiveness at all times. Our Customer Service officers or Travel consultant are well trained and in-depth knowledge to their lovely destination to not only assist customers in matters related to their booking process, but also to ease any worries and concerns that they may have throughout the entire experience. Our Travel consultants maintain a strict standard of customer service that is unique through a distinct fusion of building brand hospitality.

  • Service backup by a team of professional trained ticketing/tours consultants
  • Visa and Travel document services
  • Airport transfers arrangement
  • comprehensive travel insurance for convenience by air and sea
  • You are warmly welcome to contact us alternatively by email or online supports 24hrs a week we are always glad to be of assist on any matters to cease your worries. Hotline phone calls are supported 24/7 services or just one click to chat right away with our online team supports.

We offer a wide variety of services:

  • Worldwide Flight Tickets,
  • Worldwide Hotel Reservations,
  • Tour Operator,
  • Outbound-Inbound tours,
  • Indochina Package Tours,
  • Last minute Vacation Deal,
  • Passport-Visa Arrangements and Cambodian Visa Extension,
  • Boat & Bus Ticket, Railways Ticket (in Japan, Vietnam and others),
  • Guide---we speak your language, Bus, Van and Car rental,
  • Cargo-Courier and Traveler Insurance…

With standard rules of this customer services, some valued have been established to present our philosophies:

  • Clients satisfaction is priority to be number one and only the sole reason that have made us exist today.
  • Client-driven and market-driven are providing value added services supported by advanced technology
  • We will never serve the king but a truly friend that we never left them behind.
  • Passionate to each destination and make customer feel the same.
  • Making our truly more easy and more accessible to the destinations.
Competitive Prices:

Do you know that, airfares price change daily? That great deal you found on your own today may be old news tomorrow? A difference of one day in departing or arriving date can save you hundred? Travel agent often has first hand experience with the place they recommend? Certified agencies have a lot more leverage than individuals when setting disputes with airlines and travel suppliers?

Dedicated Team: 

We pride ourselves on being a small but dedicated team of travel professionals who can provide a super service and personal professional attention to each and every client.

Payment Method:

Note: bank fee is on your side
Bank credit transfer as well as expenses, which must be charged or boned by the customer or sender, are credited on the above account.

1 - By Western Union

Surname:     Ho
Given name: Bopha
Full name:    Ho Bopha
Cambodian ID No.: 010185931
Address: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: 855(23)22 2727 - Cell phone: 855(12)222 623

Sign up for an user with Western Union, send the payment to us (Notify us that you have sent the money with following information):
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2. Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN-usually 10 numbers): or Secret Number
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Note: sending money online is available only in some countries. If not available, please find a nearest agent to you to send money.

2 - By bank transfers:

Intermediary Bank
Field 56A:
Standard Chartered Bank, New York, U.S.A.
Account with institution
Field 57A:
Cambodia Asia Bank
Add: No.439, Monivong Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: 855-23- 220 000
Beneficiary Customer
Field 59:
Account No: 232-18138-4
Details of Payment Field 70: (Remark from sender to beneficiary customer)